Of Hats and Hair…

21 12 2009

I made myself a lovely hat, which quickly became a popular item, which I actually sold to a few friends for the holidays.  This is one order:

It doesn’t look like much on the table, but when you put it on….

Glitter Glue Princess calls it a “squishy mad hatter’s hat”!  She’s right – all I need to do is extend the body some for a cute halloween hat.

Moving past the subject of hats and on to hair.

Glitter Glue Princess decided that it was time for a change.  She took a picture of Selena Gomez into the hairdresser, after much consideration for bobs, angled cuts, and lots of pictures of hair that wouldn’t have looked good on her.  Keep in mind these pics were taken without the lovely hair straightening tools that hairdressers love to use, and that the kiddo now pines for.  There’s always xmas, right?

Here is the before:

And now the after:

Her bangs weren’t quite long enough, but they will definitely grow into this style.

Sigh….  She looks so much older now.  I definitely have a problem on my hands.




One response

21 12 2009

yep, when they start wanting hair straighteners and other doodads, you are in big trouble. the teen years can be a wild ride

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