That Bugger! and a pirate shirt.

22 09 2009

Little Mickey was ill all weekend. He was worse than a baby, as he just laid around all weekend, and wanted us to hold him.  He wouldn’t eat, wouldn’t drink – I was sure he was a goner, and we had no reason for this to occur.  He had the ear mite treatment at the vet, but they were really bothering him – it wouldn’t explain him not eating.  Sunday, I got all bothered with it and started pumping him full of beef baby food and cat milk in a syringe.  He acted a bit better, even though we only got 40 mls of liquid in him.

By Monday, he was back to his little popcorn self – bouncing around and chasing anything that thought about moving.  He ate heartily – but now we can’t get him to eat dry food again.

We’ve had introductions with the other cats – Fat Boy doesn’t care if he is here or not, though Mickey doesn’t like the looks of him.  Miss Dot is not happy about his presence, and has thought about stalking him down a few times, only to be cut down by us.  Mickey just grumbles and growls at them all, even though they are up to 3X larger than him.

When I could, I passed on the little guy to the kiddo – she got to play momma for a bit.  I made her pirate shirt, using no pattern.

On the first fitting, we found that I didn’t give her enough ease, and the armpits were too tight.  No problem!  I actually figured out how to take care of both of these problems with one thing – armpit gussets running to the hem!

You’d never know it was there, and adds a decent amount of ease to the shirt.

Next item is the corset/tank top number using the skull fabric peeking out above.  Lots of shirring on the sides – should be fun.  Aaaarrgh!




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