Hoop Dreams, Part Deux

12 09 2009

Continuing on my quest for making the ideal collapsible hoop, I tried my hand at an infinity style hoop, made with larger connectors that had more grip than the usual ones I use.  I tried it with 4 connectors.  It worked pretty well, except for the untwisting.  It took longer, as I had to torque it into a ring shape from the rounded trapezoid that it unfolded into.  Mind you, they traveled exceptionally well, as I took them to the porcupine mountains, but it just took more than one minute to unpack, which was….awkward when all you wanted to do was hoop!

The next evolution will be two connectors, which may help with this trapezoidal issue I’m encountering.  Just another experiment to complete.  Don’t mind me as I sit in the corner and tape more hoops!

Glitter Glue Princess has been doing quite a few as well – she has been making mostly trick hoops though – the kind that you use on your arms and throw around.

She also made a tinkerbell colored regular hoop – quite nice….



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