In memoriam for Princess

5 09 2009

Our 19 year old cat princess passed away last night.

It’s been hard on us for a bit now, as she got lost a couple of weeks ago, and was missing for a day and a half.  Our daughter mourned her loss, crying for a whole day at her absence.  S found her standing in the middle of the road 1/3 mile away from our home the next morning on his way home from work, disoriented and confused.  S brought her home, and our daughter rejoiced in the fact that she was still alive.

Fast forward to two nights ago.  She couldn’t eat or drink, and could barely stand, it happened in just one afternoon.  We placed her in the tub, as that was her favorite place to get a drink, thinking it would help encourage her.  It didn’t.  We tried to get her to eat, but there was nothing we could do.  Our daughter began to realize what was coming and began to mourn again, as she could see the end was near.  Holding her in our laps for an hour helped.  We tried to keep her warm, as we could tell she was getting cold.

Our daughter found her not breathing last night when brushing her teeth. Again, we mourned, but this time in passing.

S and I buried her this morning beneath our burning bush in front of our bay window, as that was her favorite place to hide outside.  I wrapped her in a piece of her favorite fleece blanket.  I’ll save the rest for the kiddo, and make it into a lovey of some kind.

Our favorite memory of her is when our daughter was just a tiny baby, just a month or two old.  Whenever she would cry, Princess would be right there beside her, mewing at her and trying to comfort her, or mewing at us to follow her to the baby if she thought we weren’t parenting well enough…

Because of the situation, this post took precedence over other happy posts.  Give us a few days to get ourselves back in order…

Photos of how we like remembering her:



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