Random silliness…

23 05 2009
  1. Our Garmin GPS took me on some odd side trips this last week in Chicago – no way is a gas station in the middle of a residential neighborhood, and Walmart is not in a condo!  I am seriously considering a new one, maybe moving away from Garmin and Doris (what the Glitter Glue Princess calls the voice on the GPS – named after the secretary on the Charlie and Chocolate Factory movie).  If anyone truly loves their GPS, please tell me about it below – I am all ears…
  2. My 18th anniversary is on Monday.  Wow – we MUST have a good thing going, right?
  3. My birthday (the big 4-0) is the second saturday after that, and I have to fly out for work on it.  Fortunately, I have to go to Anaheim for a food science convention, and I am bound determined to spend part of my birthday doing something at disneyland that I never get to do at disney world – ride roller coasters!  For free!  With two roller coaster averse people in my house, I NEVER get to ride them.  Ever.  Sure the Princess is mad at me for going, but she wouldn’t want to do what I plan to do anyway.  Regardless, she has a list of things that must be purchased to compensate her for not being able to go.  I just need to figure out where all the pressed penny machines are and make a ton of them….!
  4. Once I get back from CA, I’m having a reunion with my old room-mates from college.  Apparently we all live in Michigan now, so we are going to the Botanical Garden for a little “get to know you again” time.



One response

23 05 2009

we have a tomtom and love it. yes, there has been a time or two when the directions were wonky, but no one is perfect. we love to switch ours to the spanish version. confuses hubski, but whatev…the boys and i enjoy it.

july will be 19 yrs of marriage for hubski and i. wow. we must have gotten married when i was a toddler. 🙂

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