A Dream Job? It depends…

6 02 2009

After being subjected to the “It’s a Small World” ride in Disney World upteen thousand times (I swear we went on that thing a minimum of 6 times a day during one of our trips), I always wondered about the person/people who made the costumes for all those little dolls.  I’d sit through the ride, wondering how the person/people designed the costumes for the repetitive motion, wondering if the costumes had gussets – you get the idea – escapism through sewing when sitting as a captive audience….

Well, I saw this article on my blog feed reader this morning.  Now I have a face to add to what I consider my dream job.  Yes, I know it is Disney Land and not Disney World, but still, it is the same kind of job I had in my mind.  But hearing how hard it is for some of the dolls to be dressed, well….  Maybe I’d prefer sewing for clients who can move their limbs a wee bit more.




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