Martha made us do it…

3 02 2009

Betz White had a valentine’s day post that inspired this.

She linked to her piece on Martha Stewart for Heart Felted Scarves.

Glitter Glue Princess saw it and absolutely HAD to have one.  Me, being the generous mom unable to bear the wool, thought “Hey, we could make these out of fleece!”.  So…. Off to Joann we go.

We buy 5 colors of fleece.  I set the kiddo down with the heart template from the site and tell her to cut till she can cut no more.  I lay them out in the prescribed method from the instructions, sewing them down for more stability, and here are the the results:

I did the triple layer sewing rather than the X’s, as I didn’t think the latter was strong enough to withstand kid abuse.

We had enough hearts to make 3 scarves, from the fleece we purchased, and all the cutting the kiddo did.  3 fun scarves for under $10.  Not bad, and it made K, our neighbor, happy too.



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5 02 2009

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