1 02 2009

Yay!  My new purse for our Disney World trip over President’s day weekend is now complete!

I used the messenger bag tutorials on Craftster.com, the same ones as the Glitter Glue Princess’s school bag.

I learned a few things too –

  1. When making the bag insert in the middle, make sure you put the pockets on the OUTSIDE of the insert.  This is easy to tell, because the zipper pulls should be there.  (insert headsmack here)
  2. NEVER let a fabric store sales person tell you that peltex is the very best option for making purses, and believe her.  I could barely pull this thing through the seam to flip it – peltex is good, but it is much too thick for this.  Oh yeah, I had to add the velcro to hold down the flap due to the peltex.  Otherwise, it just pops right 0pen again.
  3. The easiest way to make a key fob in your purse is to use a caribiner hook.

Next, I’m making a pad for the strap so I don’t have problems with friction on my shoulder.  And, after that, glitter glue princess and I are getting all Martha on you and making heart scarves!



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2 02 2009

fabulous bag!

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