finishing the bag and starting another…

18 01 2009

So, I had one of those fateful weeks where you were always three steps behind yourself.  I had a business trip that took me to Chicago – a typical 4 hour drive from my home.  The testing had it’s normal issues of startups – ingredient issues, equipment issues, people hovering issues – the standard stuff.  But, we made good progress and got the project moving right along.

The fun started on my drive home.  The metro/railroad broke down, so escaping from town proved futile.  I had hoped to be home by 10, and by 9 gave up.  I stayed overnight about halfway through.  On my second half home,  I had about 300+ pounds of ingredients in my trunk and still couldn’t keep from sliding on the road…  It took 4.5 hours to travel what should have taken less than 2 hours…  I don’t want to travel for a bit.

On to the weekend sewing:

The tinkerbell bag is done!  Yay!

This will appease the glitter glue princess for the disney trip.

So, now I’m prepping MY bag…  I’m hoping the use a mickey for the embroidery.  No pictures yet, but will post soon after I get the design put on.




One response

19 01 2009

the bag is fabulous! winter weather driving, not so fabulous.

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