T is for ?

21 12 2008

Teri at Mermaids had a meme she was continuing, and I signed up.  The rules are as follows:

You leave a comment on this post, and I’ll assign you a letter. You write about ten things you love that begin with your assigned letter, and post it at your place. When people comment on your list, you give them a letter, and the chain continues on and on.

You can leave a comment and not be assigned a letter if you want. Just let me know if you want a letter to keep this going.

She gave me  T, for all my tie dye, as she felt it fitting.  So…  Here it goes:

1. Tie Dye, of course – I’ve been doing this since my daughter was born and I couldn’t find bright colors for her to wear, just pastels or darks.  This is my absolute favorite photo from way back when…

2.  Tea Parties, or just tea will be just fine too….  I have at least 8 kinds of tea in the house at all times, not to mention that half of them are loose leaf, which makes the best cup of tea in my mind.  Herb or Black tea is the best, and I prefer Republic of Tea when given a choice in the matter.  Oh, and Chai is the absolute yummiest!

3.  Three – the magic number – three of us in the family, three cats in the house, three sewing machines on my table…  You get the idea.  And just in case you didn’t, here is some school house rock:

4.  Theme Parks/Tourism/Trip – we’re going back to visit the mouse in February, and this one stuck in my head.  Maybe, just maybe, they will let me ride some roller coasters this year (noone else likes them but me).  😦  Would love to take another trip this summer too, just haven’t figured out where we would go yet.

5.  Trappings/Tailoring/Thread – couldn’t figure out which word worked best for my love of sewing, but they all will do.  I need to do more of this, but it is always there in the background when I need it….  If I could just stay off the computer long enough to make something, I might get more done.

6.  Tunes – love, love, love music, well all of it except top 40 country music.  Was loading the mp3 player for the glitter glue princess this morning in the wee hours, and I got caught up on a few of the albums, and had to return to the task at hand.  I also play a few instruments – I have a cello hidden in a closet here that needs severe amounts of help.

7.  Tales – we used to tell Glitter Glue Princess stories of our life before she arrived as bedtime stories, and told her about her great grandparents and grandparents lives as well.

8.  Tickle – I love the sound of laughter.  I love to hear anyone laugh, but my favorite laughs come from my daughter.

9.  Touch – I have these rare moments where Dot the cat and I are the only ones awake, and she lays her paw on me, and stares at me till I pet her.  She used to not let me within 5 feet of her, but now, in tiny doses, I am an acceptable human.  I’ve learned not to push my luck with her, as she only has a few moments where we can communicate like this.  Considering she was part feral when we took her in, she has come along quite well in 8 years.  Everyone needs a pat or touch at some time.

10.  Time – something I never seem to have enough of, and relish every spare second I have.  Having been in touch with my mortality this past fall made me realize that I need to use every moment to the fullest.

These are not in any order, just put down in the order they came out of my head.

If you’d like to play the game,  just leave me a comment.




One response

21 12 2008

thanks for playing along. love the photo of GGP as a baby. she has not changed a bit. i agree about time…never enough.

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