They just kept coming and coming….

1 11 2008

This is a post about the massive VOLUME of kids who come to my house for halloween.

We had at least 350  – 400 kids come by, but in halloweens of past, I could tell you it was more like 500..

It has always been like this.  When we moved into this neighborhood, and there were only 2 families living out here, we only bought 1 bag of candy, thinking noone would come out here.  We were woefully mistaken.  We ran out in 5 minutes flat.

As the neighborhood grew, so did the number of kids.  The neighborhood is connected to an established neighborhood as a mile-long cul-de-sac.  It became a problem with parents following their kids at a snail’s pace around the entire cul-de-sac, so the city actually decided to block the roads with the fire trucks, forcing everyone to walk – it didn’t slow them down, they still come en masse.  It just makes it fun for those of us who really *live* here to get in to our own neighborhood for an evening.

It is simply not an economical proposition anymore ….  With this volume of kids coming through, the quality of candy goes down so people can afford to hand it out – mountains of little tootsie rolls, and lots of cheap penny candy that doesn’t cost a penny anymore….  But I found a way to make it cheaper.  I buy rings, balls, and pencils by the gross from Oriental trading.  I bought pirate stickers and glow in the dark spider rings for this year.  I’m stunned every year that noone else does this out here. Since I was planning for 500, I still have some left over for next year at least…  Glitter Glue Princess gives out real candy with the trinkets to her friends, but that only takes a couple of bags instead of the mountains everyone else uses.

We have our fair share of teenagers who just walk around with their pillowcases for candy and no costume on – when asked what they were they say they’re invisible, a gansta, etc…  The best answer from last night was from a kid  who told us he was a human – loved it!  We had a kid show up in a hawaiian shirt with leis around his neck, and boxing gloves who told us he was….. Hawaiian Punch!