Oh the weather outside is frightful, but these pants are so delightful….

30 11 2008

Finally back in the swing. And just in time too, as it started snowing today…

Made the Glitter Glue Princess some snow pants that coordinate with her requested long coat for this year.  I used an OOP Jalie Pattern (8910), and removed the pockets – the top of the pants will be buried under the long coat, so there really is no need.  I used Malden burgundy heather colored 200 weight fleece.  These are essentially to keep the snow off of her lower half for snowblowing, snow angels, and snowball fights, so they don’t need to be water proof, just water resistant.

Here are some shots – something in my camera is making the water spots, and they are not part of the design.

Excuse the leg pose here – she is not trying to break her ankle.

The details on the leg – the seam has length in it in the event that she sprouts like a weed over the winter…  I added width to install the zippers for ease of getting in and out.  She requested no elastic in the bottom of the leg.

For an extra treat, here is an added kitty pic…  Most people rarely see this cat when visiting our home – she is a bit skiddish.



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