Random Musings on My New Job

11 10 2008

So I started my new position this week.  But there is a *little* issue, actually a couple:

-I have no office.  The office of my predecessor was occupied by someone else when I arrived.  They began building me an office, but it is dark and at the end of a hallway.  No natural light.  Blech…  This will not be good for someone who goes nuts in the middle of winter from lack of sunlight.  It won’t be ready for at least a month, at the pace of progress I’ve witnessed this week.  Over the course of a week, I’ve gotten – *tada* A Door!!!!

-I have no computer – probably not a big deal, since I have no furniture nor an office to put it in.  At least I can log in from my coworker’s computer, but that is just so…  awkward…

-Plant manager has been transferred.  She leaves at the end of next week.  New guy starts next week.  Well, at least I’ve got a bit more seniority than the new guy, right?

-My boss drove over from Chicago, since there were no upper management people on site for the day I started.  Hmmm… Just what the heck is that about?  Is there something I don’t know about?

I love the position, at least as it is now.  Noone knows I exist….  yet.  I’ve made breads, and have had fulfilling discussions on the subject, learned about the intricacies of our manufacturing process from someone who really understands them.  A REAL interaction that is collaborative – I’ve so missed this after 4 years.

I’m trying to get a cell phone.  Boss told me I could expense it monthly.  People in the plant want me to get a Sprint phone, but I absolutely abhor push to talk communication, with it’s dorky chirping and everyone hearing the conversation.  Besides, the phone only had *1* bar in my house, next to a window.   Now the folks in my plant are all acting like I’m too good for them – NO!  To me, low bars at my home renders it null and void for using a Sprint phone.  I’m basically left with Verizon as my option out here in the sticks.  Maybe ATT, but by the maps there are a LOT of dead zones in my commute.  I’m considering a smart phone but haven’t figured out which one yet.  Anyone have any suggestions?

The next post will most likely be photos of our outfits for the pirate ball…. Stay tuned.



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