It’s not you, really.

6 10 2008

Dear Ottobre Design,

I regret to tell you that I need to cancel my subscription to the kids portion of your magazine.  You see, my daughter basically doesn’t want me to sew her clothes anymore, unless they are mainstream, and “non funky”.  This limits me to things that aren’t as European styled as I like her to wear, but I do not want her to feel singled out at school.

Of late, I’ve been either using Jalie, or modified adult Kwik Sew patterns to sew for her.

I DO plan to keep the womens subscription, as I will happily fall into the “funky” category.  Besides, I still need the joy of finding the infamous white envelope in my mailbox, rushing in the house and devouring every style contained in its pages.

Please do not take it personally, Ottobre.  It could just be a phase, and if so, I will use this year to purchase from some retailers who sell your magazine online.  If it is not a phase, then please understand the changing tastes of a preteen who wants to fit in, after years of being unique.






2 responses

6 10 2008

say it ain’t so…. someone needs to talk some sense into that girl.

21 06 2009

I just found this amazing magazine and my daughter is one. I guess I will just have to enjoy every single stitch until she gets old enough to tell me no more sewn clothes (I can remember being the only kid in my class who wore homemade clothes…).

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