Shopping for a new car…

8 09 2008

I’ve suggested setting up a safety cone in the driveway in effigy of the old car and as an offering to the safety gods….  S wouldn’t let me set it afire – he thought that would anger the traffic gods if I did it….  🙂  I really do know just how lucky I am…  I can’t bear to show the pictures of the old car at the collision place.  It is just too sad.  Links here so I don’t have to see it when I look at my blog daily – 1 2 3. The title has been turned over for salvage and I have a fair and acceptable check from the insurance in my bank, with a tort applied for on the deductible, as well as a rebate on my sales tax to help with getting a new vehicle …

Glitter Glue Princess and I went to the local toyota/scion dealer on Saturday to see what they had – they had a red 06 xB (yay!), but it was a stick (boooo! – I can’t drive stick).  They had an 06 xB automatic (yay!), but it was dark blue (boo!).  So, I looked at a new 09 xB model.  I test drove it.  There is a color for this year called Blackberry Crush – yeah, yeah, its dark burgundy, that is close enough to my old color. I like alot about it, but there is some stuff I don’t like.

Likes:  1.  Bigger engine – it has the camry engine in it.  2.  Cruise is now standard.  3.  Bigger trunk.  4.  SIX airbags, including side curtains for front and back! 5.  The backseat has a shelf UNDER it to stow Glitter Glue Princess’s junk stuff that used to land on the floor.

Dislikes: 1.  It looks like a gansta car now, not a toaster – more like an HHR’s evil stepbrother. 2.  It has this phallic antenna at the back of the car (old one had that integrated in the windshield).  I have issues, I know, but it just detracts from the shape of the car. 3.  Bigger engine = lower gas mileage.

I’ve pitted the local guy against a long distance guy 1.5 hours away who is willing to drive it up to me.  The long distance guy is winning, as he already ordered it for his inventory, while the local guy wanted a hefty deposit to even look around to find one.

I’m out of my rental by the end of the week, so we shall see how this goes.



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