Not a good day today….

4 09 2008

Nope, not when you end up with a ford truck in your face while driving….  Spongemoms Square Car isn’t so square anymore….  Glitter Glue Princess is more choked up about it than me.  Fortunately it was just me in the car when the trucks rear end got me (after she took out the back of a minivan).  I was driving the other direction from them and got caught in the crossfire after they collided.

The sad part here is that I JUST replaced the windshield last Thursday….  At least I got a week of clear driving, I guess.  Driver side door won’t work now.

Yes, that is my battery and fuse box….  Sorry about the blur, it was raining.

*Sniff*  I saved this from the street…

Nothing like being on the end of a chain reaction to make your day at thrill.  At least noone was hurt as far as I could tell.

Off to a school open house, and then dealing with getting a rental car tomorrow…

I need a nap.



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