Some hula hooping links for those who want to try…

30 08 2008

For those I’ve discussed hooping with via personal email, I’m posting these for all to use – maybe, just maybe, someone else will be inspired to “get out there” and hoop too!

Jason Unbound – the easiest instructions that showed up again and again when looking for directions.

The Potrero Hill Hoop Factory – off – a great resource…

How to make a hoop at Squidoo….  ‘Nuff said…

Psihoops instructions… magazine – they have links on where to buy tubing, as well as links to tutes on making hoops.



One response

30 08 2008

You might enjoy this:

(work and child-safe and lots of fun!) The hooping uke player is Maura Kennedy of The Kennedys: .

I am LOVing your tiedyes–especially the third shirt down on 7/29 and the book bag fabric–yowza!

Do you have any links on adding LEDs to clothing?

Have fun at The Ball! It’s too far away for us. :*(

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