The bag that tested my geometry skills…SQUARED!

25 08 2008

Do you remember this fabric I dyed last month?

Glitter Glue Princess requested that this fabric be made into her school bag.  She wanted a messenger bag, but from the fabric design and the constraint of size, I was limited in what I could make – I preferred to have the tiedye completely wrap around the entire bag, rather than piece the tiedye and end up with excess busy activity on the bag – I *really* do think the fabric is busy enough, don’t you?  🙂  All of the patterns I had were pieced, so I went questing over the web for an appropriate design.  Looking through Craftster, I found this.  It was perfect.

I found a purse zipper (2 zips on a single closed tape), and Glitter Glue Princess had a cute! zip pull that we added.  I made a pocket that is darted at the bottom to hold her MP3 player, as well as a secret pocket inside the pocket to hold money and items she didn’t want the world to see.  We used a quick release snap for the strap, as adjustable fittings were only available in 1″ size.

Here is the finished result…



2 responses

3 09 2008
Merlin Silk


thank you so much for the idea of the bag. I am always looking for cool new ideas what we can add to our repertoire and this bag could just hit the spot. We will just have to see how we could manage to make the complete bag first and tie-dye it after that.

Thanks again for doing the search on and finding that great bag.


24 01 2009
Here’s what’s on my cutting board today « Dye-abolical Designs

[…] Now that her bag is done, I’ve got MY bag drafted. It is going to be a messenger bag, like glitter glue princess’s tie dye book bag for school, just […]

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