Some Etsy Love at the Fulton Street Artisans Market

18 08 2008

Glitter Glue Princess and I trekked to Grand Rapids for the Fulton Street Artisans Market – many, many Etsy-ans were there.  It was sweltering hot, and if you didn’t have a tarp or umbrella, you basically cooked.

There was a tiedye guy there, and we had a long discussion about supply and tying technique – very nice.  You can see from the following pics that we had ours on yesterday.

She and I met Boogerelli – her stuff is totally adorable.  She gave the Glitter Glue Princess a pin and a sticker – aren’t these the cutest (sorry for the fuzzy pic – camera is acting up-or bad operator, I don’t know):

We bought a couple of lovely necklaces from a lady whose name I didn’t get.  If you are she, please comment and I will fix this grievous error…  Perhaps you will recognize the shirts, since we did discuss them…

The red flowers in this exactly match a skirt we bought from Macy’s the day before at the half off sale.

We also bought a couple of lovelies from The Empty Nest:

We’ll definitely go again…



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18 08 2008

Oh wow, I’m so glad you like your items!


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