I live with Mary Mary Quite Contrary

15 08 2008

Sigh….  They grow up too soon.  Nothing I like in terms of style is acceptable anymore. Here are the newest clothing rules for school as of today:

All the euro stuff in ottobre is unacceptable – it’s not “normal” enough to fit into 5th grade.  In fact, just about every pattern I have in my arsenal is unacceptable, except maybe for the Jalies.

No more khaki colored pants.  Only blue jeans (no whiskering) and dark brown pants. Black pants *might* be o.k., but brown is better.

No dresses.  Long sweaters and tee shirts are o.k., but they can’t be embroidered by Mom.  Tie dye is still o.k, at least for today.  Shirts need to be LONG – like tunics – no belly baring stuff (well, at least we agree on one thing…)

Of course, all the rules will change again tomorrow…

I just have to not give up and keep offering options.



One response

16 08 2008

ugh. she has crossed over to the dark side….adolescent girl. at times like this, i am so happy i have boys. 🙂


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