The newest exercise fad at my house…

14 08 2008

Over the past few weeks, the female members of my household (myself and the Glitter Glue Princess) have taken up hula hooping.  Not just any old wimpy hula hoop from the store will do, mind you, but heavy duty, hand designed hoops are needed for this new craze.  Somehow, we found something to combine crafting and exercise – who would have figured, huh?  We’ve been hooping for at least a half hour daily since we started this, getting better and better at it…

There are many websites out there that tell you how to make the hoops.  We made the hoops out of tubing from Lowe’s and ordered a plethora of tapes online.

Glitter glue princess could not wait for the funky tapes to arrive in the mail, and created one of her hoops using electrical tape only.  After the tapes did arrive, she was a wee bit afraid of working with the glitter tapes, due to them being metal (she was afraid of cutting herself).  We found that fabric gaffer tape is great as it makes the hoop “cling” to you more – it provides a bit of drag to help keep the hoop up longer.

Here are a few shots of the hoops thus far, no action shots just yet….  One with the multicolor sections was Glitter Glue Princess’s first tape job.

My only worry about this new craze is where we will do this when the weather gets cold – I don’t think Michigan winters are conducive to this exercise trend.  🙂

If there’s interest, let me know and I’ll post a mountain of links on this…




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14 08 2008
Tie Dye Diva

I love hand made hoops! I always thought I couldn’t hula hoop because I had only used those cheapo plastic ones. Then I tried a friend’s hand made one and – WOW – anyone can do it! Even my husband. Really. It has something to do with the weight.

14 08 2008

hoop in the garage during the winter?

hula hooping is a good workout. i like doing it on wii fit, however, it looks really ridiculous. 🙂

30 12 2010

woo!! mishigami!! im in michigan also and am considering going to the hardware store tonight to get supplies to start building a hula hoop. as a kid, i would hoop for HOURS every day all summer long. i need exercise and all this goshdarn grey sky darkness that winter is throwing at me is making me DEPRESSED – i need to PLAY!!!! 🙂
what parta michi are you in?
im over on the west coast. mid-way up.

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