Blissfest organizers – you guys are the absolute best!!!!!!

8 08 2008

So S and I went to Blissfest last month, as was pictured in the earlier posts.

What I didn’t tell you was that I lost my drivers license on that trip.  I went and spent a few hours at the Secretary of State getting a replacement, never expecting to see it again.

Fast forward to three weeks later….  Guess what shows up in the mail today????  A letter from Blissfest, containing my license!  I honestly had written it off as gone.  My entire family is in awe of your power!

If this post gets to Blissfest organizers, I want to offer my sincere thanks in their efforts.  They really do give “happy bliss”, even AFTER the festivities are over.  Quite frankly, no other michigan music festival can compete!  You guys really are THE best.




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