Not like everybody else

25 07 2008

I thought of this when I was making the post for the pencil cases.

When I photographed the sock monkey bag, I said out loud that I was worried that the sock monkey bag might be too baby-ish for a 5th grader.

Glitter Glue’s immediate response was that she really didn’t care what anyone else thought, and she was going to use it…  End of discussion.

I think me playing the Kinks’ “I’m not like everybody else” since her infancy really sank in, and she actually has her OWN attitudes and perceptions of the world.  Maybe, just maybe, she will lead and just not follow.  At this formative age, it is critical.

For something completely different and in honor of my daughters independent spirit, I’m posting a youtube video of a great cover of this song.  Besides, the little guy in it is just so cute and adorable, it really makes the video!  🙂  Also, alot of the versions out there are from the Sopranos – it’s more fun to watch these two fellas than credits.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.




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