It’s a pencil case parade! We have monkeys! Sorry, no elephants…

25 07 2008

As promised earlier, here is the cavalcade of pencil cases I made over the last week:

I started with flat pouches made from the “magic” fabric – these will be going on etsy soon….

Moving on to rolled pouches.  Took me a while to figure out the engineering on this one…  Squaring off the ends took a few tries.  I gave this one to Miss K who lives next door… Moving to middle school, she will need something nice to carry pencils in from class to class…

Then comes the monkeys!

I had a small amount of the sock monkeys left, and made this larger pouch for Glitter Glue princess to put in her desk.  It’s a bit big compared to Miss K’s pouch. If I’d made it skinnier like Miss K’s, I’d only have had 1 row of monkeys, and that doesn’t constitute a parade!  🙂  Also figured out that I needed to piece it to keep all the monkeys right side up.

All items in the parade were made without purchase of new fabric.  I did have to buy more interfacing, but at least it isn’t fabric, right?  I even had the zippers stashed away.  One small step toward stash reduction, one big step for self control. 🙂



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