Why do people search for these things?

19 07 2008

And why do they click to my blog?!?!?!

For a few weeks now, I’ve had at least 4 searches daily for dyeabolical, and the standard stock search for bag patterns, camo couch covers, and webkinz patterns.

Here are a few of the “odd” searches showing up on my dashboard that I just had to share….

  • dress out of waste (umm? )
  • how does a hillbilly dress (I have a variant of this EVERY day – is there a new teen trend that I’m not aware of?)
  • fun with glitter glue  (this one is obvious, but my question is what KIND of fun were they expecting when they searched for it, hmmmm? *eyebrows raised*)
  • princess clothes barcelona (Hmmmm, loes hinse barcelona dress meets my princess outfits for Disney?!?!)
  • skywriting (???? I don’t remember this one…)
  • child kittens in glitter (this one is a real stumper-what the heck were these folks really trying to find?!?!?)
  • how much is frog food at meijer (?!?!? anyone?  anyone?)
  • saturday night ltd ladybug shower curtain (I’m with you folks – I’m clueless again what the point was..)

This was fun…. I’m going to have to do this one more often.  Anyone else want to share their oddities with me?




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