Following the Circus to Sault Ste Marie

15 07 2008

This was our belated holiday weekend.

We dropped the Glitter Glue Princess off at Grandma and Grandpa’s and drove up to Sault Ste Marie for a concert, then dropped back to the lower peninsula for Blissfest.

In the upteen years we’ve lived in Michigan, we’ve never gone to the UP. This was a bit of an adventure for us…

For some reason, they’ve been sandblasting the asphalt off the bridge, so it was “more slippery than usual” – the understatement of the century. S was a trooper, considering the whole thing, and the fact he had white knuckles of death by the time we were over.

Note the absence of asphalt on our side of the road?

We didn’t stop at Mackinac Island, the Mystery Spot, or any of the other touristy destinations. Save those for a trip with a kiddo.

We saw more border patrol up here than I anticipated. What? Do they have problems with Canadians swimming to freedom up here? It just seemed the manpower was a bit… misplaced.

The concert was lovely… It was much quieter than any other concert I’ve gone to, mainly since it was summer at a University. It was about 50 people in total. Many older people in suits came, and expected a lovely jazz affair. đŸ™‚ They got something a wee bit different.




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