Roar – don’t mess with a soccer team in tiedye

6 07 2008

One of S.’s friends has an industrial embroidery/screenprinting business (drool, drool).  They asked us to work with them on tiedye designs for use on soccer shirts, possibly doing en masse once school gets back in for the highschool.  The colors are orange and black, two colors that don’t play nice together.  Here are the designs they came up with…  Forgive the windswept look – it was quite a blustery day.







This one is my personal favorite even though the pic is really crummy.

solid half

If I were an opposing team, I think I’d run and hide if I saw any of these coming at me.




2 responses

19 07 2008

these tiedyes are amazing! i tie dye all the time but mine never look this good.. how do you do yours, and how do you keep the colors from fading??

19 07 2008

Well, it’s taken over 8 years of practice to figure out the proper tie method, for one. Also, using only procion dyes is a big plus for no fading – go to They have starter kits that have the basics.

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