Surf’s Up!

15 06 2008

Sewing is my therapy – when I’m stressed it is cheaper than a therapist, and someone gets something nice to boot… I hadn’t done nearly enough sewing of late, and this was long overdue.

This week it is a swim wardrobe for the Glitter Glue Princess. I used two patterns for this from Kwiksew – #’s 2889, the ever present scuba top, and the new 3605. This is the most mature swimsuit I’ve ever made for her, and at least she let me make it – she is at an age where my sewing isn’t nearly as cool as it used to be.  But, if she selects the pattern and the fabric it is alright, right?

I used size 10 for all pieces but the tankini top – it is a size 8, but lengthened to a 12. If making this pattern be warned of the sizing and gathering on the chest. Going down 1 size did help, else it would have been a gaping mess.

Another tip – use the triple zigzag on your regular sewing machine to do the edge on the triangles – there is just too much stretch and too much bulk at the top where the strap is for it to come out cleanly using a cover stitch, and I had to remake these as I got a hole in the fabric when pulling out the stitching.

She was mildly offput by me wanting to put this on the blog, so I left off her head per her request (as IF it will really make a difference 🙂 ).

When they say the skirt is short, they meant it! I added an edge with trim to make it longer, but seriously, it could use a wee bit more on the pattern. Just extend the curve of the hem down a few inches as needed, but keep the curve of the hem in the same shape.

I fully lined the front of the scuba shirt – can you think of a sentence that has light blue and see through in it?  🙂   The other two pieces are lined in all the right places as well.

And of course, the requisite hula pose if forced to model swimwear in public:

After this, I’ve got to make Mr. S another Gandalf Murphy shirt for Blissfest next month.




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