Her foundation keeps getting bigger

21 04 2008

Took the Glitter Glue Princess to get sandals this weekend.  She’s now officially a womens size 7….  And she is 9 years old.

If anyone in the shoe industry is paying attention:  could you please make more adult sized sandals that are not:  a) just flip flops, b)grecian sandals, or c)high heels.  It was terribly hard to find something appropriate for a young girl to wear that didn’t look like, in her terms, “old lady shoes”.  I refuse to let her wear flip flops all summer.  We finally found something, at Target nonetheless, made of black leather, with a full wide band across the top of the foot.   Still, it shouldn’t take an entire afternoon to find a simple pair of sandals.




One response

26 04 2008

and while they are at…..could they make some girl size shows that don’t have sparkles and butterflies for those of us over 40 who still wear children’s sizes. oh, and a little arch support would be nice……



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