“Say Hello to My Lee-tle Freend”

10 04 2008

When Glitter Glue Princess goes away to Grandma’s house, I work on fun stuff…


This is my little friend, my version of a sock monkey. He was created using Little MissMatched knee socks. Now, knee socks are just a wee bit big for making little sock monkeys, so we had a bit extra to make the hat… I used the standard sock monkey directions from red heel, but left off the tail – it wasn’t aesthetically pleasing. I also left off the embroidered mouth line – he is so much more mysterious without it.

Of course, as soon as she saw him, she wanted him immediately… She wasn’t feeling good after her trip to Grandma’s, so I relented and shared.

I will *allow* her to borrow him for a day or two, but then he is coming back to reside on my computer table with me…



2 responses

16 04 2008
Mr. Ilarijs

Hellooo!!! 😀

29 11 2008

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