Sewing, sewing, and more sewing

6 04 2008

The sewing studio has been humming a bit lately, now that we have conquered a few after school activities.

Glitter Glue Princess sewed a lovely bag from some double faced fabric…

I made her up a fleece shrug of her own, since she kept stealing mine… I made this in an XS womans size, considering that she will grow into it. I left the sleeves longer for the same reason…

Umm, yes the cat is really, really angry…

Glitter Glue Princess and I share a nintendo and needed a nice Girly case for it – the ones at the store are so uninspiring… You either get pink or something very boyish. A note to manufacturers – putting a case in pink is not enough – BOR-ING. What about us girls who are not the pinkish sort? Hmmm?

I saw this little number on Craftster and tried to make my own version… I plotted it out on graph paper one night and by the next night had this:

For a bit of perspective on its size, keep in mind that it is sitting on a 1″ grid. It looks like a child’s purse when carried around, which is fine for the Glitter Glue Princess, but not so much for me.

I don’t think the pattern is refined enough to share with anyone as a tutorial yet – I’m thinking about making the card section a separate zippered compartment on the back. More on this later.

As the ground begins to warm, I’m clamoring at the bit to get out and do some tie dye. I… Can’t… Wait!



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