A night with the butterflies

25 03 2008

As members of our local sculpture park/botanical gardens, Meijer Garden, we get the benefit of going to lovely members only events. We just attended the “Night of the Butterflies” where we get to see the butterflies that they are hosting after hours. After going to this for many years, we’ve found that it is best to get there early, so the place is not crowded and there are fewer flashlights to aggravate the poor fellas when you are finding them…

My most favorite part is to see the night blooming orchid, but it wasn’t out again this year…. Bummer.

On to the photos of sleeping butterflies…

This is not a butterfly, but is breathtaking nonetheless.

Of course, we always take a picture next to the frog sculpture in the tropical garden. It seems the Glitter Glue Princess is getting a bit big for this anymore

Lastly, some pictures of something I dearly love, the Chihuly glass chandelier in our garden’s lobby… this picture is upside down, but still lovely…

If you want to see a picture of me, I’m posting the link to it here….




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