They are all out to get us…

15 03 2008

No, I’m really not that paranoid. I’m just a recent victim of credit card theft.

Somehow my card number was used to buy about $200 worth of flowers (huh, would have liked to have seen those!), furniture in Dubai, and something in Great Britain.

I will state that Citibank was great and called us, but even so, I called back on the number on the back of my card rather than using the automated man who called us – I’m no idiot. The last time we had used the card was in Philadelphia, at the Independence Visitors Center across from the liberty bell – huh? Nothing spells freedom like getting your credit card skimmed…. Right?!?!? For the record, I have no proof of that, but the irony didn’t escape me.

Well, Citibank didn’t flinch at my charge to Finland for my ottobre design subscription in the previous month, but the Dubai and Britain charges set them off. This is my satisfied customer plug for Citibank – thank you!

Thankfully this whole thing is behind us now, but this started me off on a new tangent – identity theft prevention.

I’m now looking into RFID blocking fabric, such as the stuff sold here…. There will probably be more to come on this, as I’m still researching it. With chips being installed in passports, credit cards, clothing care labels (rfid reading washing machines? what?!?), and the information easy to intercept, I’m thinking about how I can make nice looking items without looking like the idiot with a tin foil hat on in the corner… 🙂

If you have any recommendations for patterns to make wallets or passport covers, I’d love to see them…. Then, I’ll secretly sneak some of the RFID blocking fabric into it – hehehe.



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