A miniaturized fleece fest – literally.

28 02 2008

This sew and tell is a bit overdue, as I took the pictures a while back, but later is better than never…

The Glitter Glue Princess wanted a fleece vest. But not just any old vest – she wanted a sleek sophisticated vest, “like skiers wear”. No vest pattern in the girls section was acceptable – too fluffy in the belly, why is there elastic around the bottom, etc, etc. Exasperated, I sat her down at a pattern book, and told her to find one that would work, be it a boys pattern or a girls pattern. Well… She found one in the women’s patterns instead. She picked Kwiksew 3453 as the very vest she absolutely had to have – the pockets were perfect and she loved the shape.

Umm… o.k…  I believe I have created a fit snob….  🙂

She’s a few inches short of fitting in an extra small women’s pattern, no matter how big her feet are. (See that post below.)

After major modifications and miniaturizations, like taking a total of 4 inches out of the torso, taking in the center back, reducing the bust, and reshaping the armholes (!!!), I finished with this:

After all the redrafting, I’d have been better off trying it in my computerized pattern drafting software to start.

She just informed me she wants another, so I think I will try that next time…



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