I guess this makes me a groupie, right?

27 02 2008

I promised S a while back I would embroider him a shirt for wearing to gandalf murphy concerts.

It turns out there is a concert this coming weekend in Philadelphia we are attending.

Well, I finally got not one, but 3 completed…  The top one and the red one are for S and the other black one is for me…

The derby-bowler hat is one I drew out.  I needed an icon for the band, and decided that this joaziah’s hat was the best thing to use (that, and I couldn’t draw an accordian!).

Only groupies would do their crafts in order to wear to concerts right?




4 responses

28 02 2008

I love that all of the Ann Arborites are going to see each other in Philly! Awesome shirts!!!! See you on Saturday.

28 02 2008
Amber the fangirl

Those are just adorable! Yeah, it probably makes you a groupie, but it’s not like that’s a bad thing! (said the groupie who found this blog entry via a Google Alert. 😉

There’s a little troupe of Circus Freaks at http://circusfanclub.net/ . It’s kind of quiet right now, but things will probably get busier after the new album comes out.

28 02 2008

Love the shirts! Kris sent me the link after seeing a post by someone about them. He saw them & said I know who that is! 🙂

See you Saturday, I’ll be the frantic one playing with the video.

29 02 2008
Dancing Beetle

Found you through the Circus Fans page mentioned above. Love your shirts, especially the little hat!
I’ve made a few Circus shirts as well. There’s something about them that’s very conducive to crafty groupie-ness, isn’t there?

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