Baby Gift Sewing

23 02 2008

Our friend Joann had a little boy a month ago. I am known for giving an embroidered baby blanket to my friends for their babies, and thusly made one for Jo.

While searching for the fabric for this blanket, I came to the realization that my locally owned fabric store doesn’t seem to have much flannel that would appeal to the masculine side – nearly every printed flannel had some bit of pink in it, that is, but this one… You can’t see it here, but the white stars have a bit of glitter printed on them.

This is a square of flannel, 49″ square (the print was a weird size width). I did a pretty embroidery to accompany the print on the solid side of the blanket, as seen above. I serged it right sides together, leaving an opening for turning. After turning and pressing, I put a heavy decorative edge on it – my experience when the glitter glue princess told me that this type of edge lasted better than the dainty stuff. Also helped you find the edge of the blanket quicker on those bleary-eyed nights after a diaper change.

Glitter Glue Princess also made a bitty gift by cutting out a teddy bear outline and sewing him a little stuffed bear:

Jo really liked the gift…




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