Snow Day for both kid and me…

30 01 2008

I couldn’t get to work today.  I should have known better than to try when I saw the 3-foot snowdrift in my driveway, which has since returned.  The wind was blowing so badly that there was about a 100% chance of going into the ditch.  The ditches here are not shallow either – let’s just say that my little square car would not have been seen from the road in the ditch. It was so warm yesterday that all the snow melted, then last night it dropped 35 degrees in 4 hours.  It was a veritable ice field today.

No going to work for me today.
Thank goodness for remote workplaces…

Glitter Glue Princess has been occupying her time with multiple sewing projects  – so far a cat bed filled with catnip, a bookmark and a totebag.

No sewing for me, though – I’m still working…



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