A Big Foundation For A Small Plantation…

28 01 2008

That statement is what my father used to call me, and well, now it appropriate for the Glitter Glue Princess.

We were looking at the Hushpuppy outlet at the Merrell shoes for her yesterday, not finding any that she was happy with. Her feet were getting a bit big for her size 3’s, so it was time to find new shoes. The 4’s were o.k, but we could not agree on any that were acceptable. I looked in the womens 5’s and found a pair she liked – they were *too small*! Finally, we found a similar pair in size 6 that she could get her foot into -I’ll say it again – size 6. I’m totally freaking out here – is it normal for 9-year-olds to have this big a foot?!?!?!

Of course, after she realized that she could fit in women’s shoes, she decides to try on heels. I warned her – “Oh mom, they are only kitty heels, they will be o.k” she says as she rolls her ankles around and can barely stand. Umm, me thinks the child has seen too much “What Not to Wear”. Then she tries on some harley davidson wedge sandals with fire embroidered on them, laughing the whole time. I’m still freaking out.

She settles on some of the most boring gray Merrells I’ve ever seen. They look like work shoes to me. At least they fit, have a nice wide toebox and they make her happy, as they look more “grown up”. The world of shoe possibilities has now cracked open and my daughter is not looking back.

I’m still freaking out.



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28 01 2008

DS#2 wore a larger size shoe than i when he was in 1st grade….that’s first grade…yes, age 6. granted, i have small feet, but still….

yes, children have big feet these days. the good news, you will be able to buy her shoes with better support. chidren’s shoes are, by and large, junk. the bad news the price of shoes will sky rocket. no more cheapie clearance rack. we spend $100-$150 for a pair of athletic shoes for the boys. not that they are athletes or will only wear shoes endorsed by a certain player. nope. those are the only ones that fit…..and they never, ever go on sale. and they out grow their shoes every 3-4 months. do the math. it hurts.

3 02 2008
jemima bean

I discovered something when my dd was 9 and she could fit into a size 6 ladies shoe…Ladies shoes size 5 is the same as a little girls size 3! The shoe store guy told me this weird shoe fact. I didn’t believe him so he pulled out size 3, 4, 5 kids shoes and compared them to size 5, 6, 7 womens. Yup, same size. Isn’t that weird? She’s now 10 and wears an 8 (!!) in womens shoes. I only wear an 8.5!! It feaks me out but she loves it, LOL.

6 02 2008
Risa J

My daughter did the same when she was 9. We had to go into the women’s sizes and then she ended up prancing around in heels while I quietly freaked out. It must be a rite of passage (for both mother and daughter).

28 02 2008
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