A Fleece Fest…

19 01 2008

Yay, sewing for me. This post is a bit overdue, but I just got pictures taken.

I sewed Kwiksew 3459.  The pattern is extremely easy – front, back and buttonhole stabilizer.  The collar is a bit tricky if you fly blind without reading the instructions – I sewed the seam in the collar facing out as I was following the lines of the back seam the first time.

The first version is in hot pink Malden Mills 200 fleece. While it is very nice, and doesn’t look like your standard fleecey jacket, it seemed a bit, ummm, short in length for those of us over the age of 30. Seeing how clean the line of the front was, I was hesitant to put the pattern’s button in it.  See below:

For me as the wearer, I’d prefer my jackets to end a bit more longer. While not evident in the picture, the uncomfortable part of this as the wearer is that my bustline makes the bottom of the jacket stick out and not lie flush with the body.  So, I made a modification – extended the length a generous 3.5″, and used the hooded version of the pattern for the following:

I prefer this one, because it feels more like a cropped jacket while I am wearing it, and the bottom DOES lie more snugly against me as I wear it. At least now, I can stay warm at work and look at least a wee bit fashionable.

What I like most about this pattern is that it gives the impression of a boiled wool shrug, without the wool! (I’m allergic.)

I have plans for a third, in a mid weight grey fleece, and this time, I’ll put the button on it…




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6 04 2008
Sewing, sewing, and more sewing « Dye-abolical Designs

[…] made her up a fleece shrug of her own, since she kept stealing mine… I made this in an XS womans size, considering that she will grow into it. I left the sleeves […]

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