Sigh, dreaming of tie-dye, colorways, and Vista…

16 01 2008

The weather has been unusually warm. So much so that I actually thought about going out into the garage and doing some LWI dying – I owe R&M a dyed chair cover to make their couch; my winter wardrobe doesn’t have enough color in it to keep me sane over the winter months… The problem is that I’m not prepared to bring dye powders into the house. There is too much chance of them getting onto other things, like carpeting, my fabric collection, or my grout in my tile floor.

I’m ready to branch out a bit on my dye adventures for myself and go to new color combinations….  I have found a few websites, more intended toward the web developer, that have led my mind to try a few new options:  Color Combos, and the Color Scheme Generator are a couple that are great fun…  This one inspired me to try raspberry and orange together for a new shirt…

Even though the weather gods had blessed us with warmth in January, my mind was distracted. S agreed to let me get a new computer, as mine has had sluggish performance issues in the past. His parents were looking to get something new, and quite frankly I didn’t see them managing to figure out windows vista too easily. So, since I needed a less sluggish computer anyway, we’re opting to reformat my existing machine for his folks. I found a new machine on Sunday, picked it up last Monday, and have been fighting the reinstallation of my software ever since.

The glitter glue princess appreciates that she can have her own screen instead of having to share, and she has taken to it like a fish to water. I’m just having to bear through little burps and hiccups that come with trying to reinstall everything we need back on the machine.

This whole vista compatibility thing is driving me nuts too – I can’t run my old Nero software, can’t run a few of glitter glue princess’s old games (that I must admit to playing more than her now – shhhh!).  At least, for now my embroidery software and pattern drafting programs still work.  Those are the ones that matter most….

Then…. there is the black screen of death, as I’m now calling it.  I’m in the midst of discussions with HP and microsoft on how to handle a little problem that Vista is having.  When my computer goes to “sleep”, it actually goes into a coma and won’t come out till I unplug it.  I get no reaction at all from restarting the computer.  This has monopolized the majority of my time of late.

So, if you are wondering why I’m not around, give a little pause and send good thoughts my way while I try to hold my temper with this transition….




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16 01 2008

my recommendation….ditch vista and go back to XP. the techie people i talk with say vista is has more bugs than a rainforest. no reason to go to vista yet because there aren’t any programs that a “vista” only at this point. we recently had a hard drive replaced with the option of “upgrading” to vista. we said, “no thanks, we shall save ourselves lots of headaches and stick with XP”

good luck with getting service out of HP. expect lots of finger pointing between HP & Microsoft. 🙂 wish i could be optimistic, but i’ve had a little too much experience with this as of late.

17 01 2008

That bites! has a hack to set your vista back to xp. 🙂 I hope that helps some! UGH! VISTA BITES!

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