My sewing resolutions

4 01 2008

1. Sew something for me more frequently. No offense to my kidlet, but sometimes it feels like I do more basic sewing for her than for myself, which would be much more mentally challenging. Admittedly she has needs as she grows, but I need to balance my sewing so my closet doesn’t look 5 years out of date, which it does right now.

2. Become more proficient at Pattern Master Boutique. They are coming out with a new version next week, and while my items sewn have been nice, I know that there is more I can do with it. I really need to get measured again, as my body feels to have gained padding from from my last fitting, and I’m hesitant to let a relative do it again for true objectivity. I admit to using the Child’s Play more than Boutique, as it just makes sewing for the kidlet easier than modifying every pattern I bring in the house for her.

3. Clean my closet of all things that don’t fit – see #1.

4. Re-seek my own personal style. I’ve never been one to follow trends. I used to be a funky boho style gal who had long skirts, empire waist dresses and cool shoes – the cool shoes are still there, thanks to the Merrell outlet nearby, but I feel that the funk has gone, after my wardrobe was altered from being forced into a uniform for two years. Right now, the most funk I have is my tiedye shirts, and they have been known to be quite polarizing in terms of style – you either love them or you totally hate them. I need to find myself again, as I fear that the boho style will now look frumpy on this body. Anyone have any good references to give me a shove???




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