Jam, Jam, Jammie Pants

27 12 2007

I HAVE gotten some sewing done of late, but it is not too obvious from my most recent posts. Glitter Glue Princess was in desperate need of jammie pants – her old ones were too short and too snug. I tried out a new pattern, rather than drafting it in pattern master. I used Kwiksew3477 with a fake fly in the front. GGP was not a fan of the whole fly thing, but accepted it for these pants. I added 9 inches (yes, 9! I told you all she was tall and skinny!) to the legs of the pants to make them long, also straightened the leg for a bit more fullness and comfort while sleeping.

Her first draft pair was in the laundry when I took the following pictures:

Hopefully five pair will last her for the season (crossing my fingers).



One response

10 01 2008

Would be able to make a pair of jammy pants for a three year old boy? I think it would make a good Christmas gift next year. I don’t have the skills like you.

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