Yes, She still believes in Santa and the Tooth Fairy…

26 12 2007

I was recalling a conversation, some months back, that I had with our little neighbor who happens to be Glitter Glue Princess’s dear friend. It was right after the tooth fairy visited, and GGPrincess was showing her the wee little note the tooth fairy always writes her. They have had a long standing communication, with GGPrincess leaving her notes when the tooth got lost at school, and the Tooth Fairy telling her about her life and leaving her little poems. As the kiddo was putting away the note in another room, she smirks at me and says “I bet she believes in Santa too”.

I look at her nonchalantly and say “But of course! He leaves her notes as well!” Looking at her in awe – “Doesn’t he leave everyone notes?”.

Being her sophisticated 10 year old self and laughing – “everybody knows he doesn’t exist”.

Giving her the most stupified look possible I say, “woooowwww! I never knew that! I thought everyone believed in him!”

A while back, Glitter Glue Princess and I were out to breakfast. She says something like, “all the kids at school don’t believe in Santa, but I don’t believe them. They keep saying things, and I just keep my mouth quiet because they would make fun of me. He has to be real, especially since I can see him on radar, and the long letters he leaves me every year. Who else would eat those cookies we make? Dad?!?”

I’m keeping this gig going as long as humanly possible…




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