George Rickey and Kinetic Motion

20 11 2007

Glitter Glue Princess and I are in awe of the George Rickey exhibit at Meijer Gardens, so much so that the security people were afraid to leave us alone. We weren’t told we were too close, but I could see that they thought so when we were leaning over (and not touching!) the sculptures, trying to figure out how they were assembled. It does make for a great lesson in geometry and balance that would fascinate anyone over the age of 4.

They have a HUGE exhibit, with pieces inside and outside on loan from multiple sources. Of course, no photography of the inside ones. I did manage to get some shots of the external sculptures. Mind you they are not with any nice soundtrack like the polished things on youtube about George Rickey, but they do give you a better example of the movement involved with the sculpture that enamoured us… It is just hypnotic…

I apologize for Glitter Glue Princess’s having to be in all the shots…. It does make for fun video though….

Fore more information:

George Rickey on Wikipedia

George Rickey on Artcyclopedia

Meijer Gardens




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