Back from Chicago and tuckered out…

14 11 2007

First a kitty photo montage of Glitter Glue Princess with assorted kittehs at R&M’s house – gotta love the kittehs….

With Petey:

With Finnster:

And the cast of others who were perpetually hiding from her or the dogs who were staying the weekend – this was under the bed – Bucky, Katie, Finnster and Petey:

Now that the requisite kitty shots are done, on to our trip.

We drove to Chicago on Friday. I was allowed a visit to Vogue fabrics following a meal at Cheesecake Factory (yes, I bribed her, so sue me!).

After a night filled with visits from all the kittehs living at R & M’s home, we drove downtown. When we arrived at American Girl Place (we were 15 minutes early, having parked at Bloomingdales and me assuming I could get a shot of her in front of the windows), the line was already beginning to creep down the block. When we were let in, it was well around the corner.

I need to preface this that GGPrincess had donated 2 bags of toys and and a box of books to Goodwill (S and I call it “give a little to get a little, give a lot to get a lot). By the time we were in Chicago, she was up to $285 for this shopping spree.

First place we went, the hair salon. We were 12th in line, but already had a half hour wait. GGPrincess was adamant that we not go too far, as she wasn’t prepared to leave her Emma in the hands of strangers. So we mill about and she finds a good chunk of stuff to purchase… Here is Emma with her hair being done up in a ponytail veil:

Glitter Glue Princess had me take shots of all the Molly/Emily displays so that she could see them later. These were taken sans flash due to the display case – forgive the fuzziness:

She was really torn and wanted to get this, but opted for a dress instead (hint, hint, hint to grandmas!):

She basically got all her purchasing done in the morning, and we took everything back to the car before our luncheon. Her haul included a new Nicki doll (the girl of the year), matchy outfits for her, her doll and her coconut puppy, and 4 dresses.

A comment from me – the whole shopping experience reminded me of the day after christmas sales – women battling for merchandise, but this time it was women and girls…  I was glad we went early to avoid alot of the crush of people, but it still had a manic air to the place at times, the way a place gets when all the kids need a nap and all the parents are pushing to keep going.  This whole thing was disconcerting to me – what kind of impression are we making on the girls – maybe we wouldn’t have seen it if we hadn’t gone on a weekend, but still…   GGPrincess recognized it too.  She said it reminded her of Disneyworld in the afternoons.

Following the haul to the car, switching the Emily doll for the new Nicki doll (she only has enough hands for two dolls, of course! 🙂 ), we went to a lovely birthday lunch at the cafe.  GGPrincess had pizza (for the 2nd time in 2 days), and I had the holiday quiche.  We were seated at the only table next to the Christmas tree, which was sooo nice – the other 2-seaters were at the columns near the windows, but you couldn’t see anything.

This happy shot here sums up the lunch nicely.

They brought her dessert and sang her happy birthday – just one waiter.  The girl at the table next to her had a HUGE cake and a whole bunch of waiters come over and sing before her dessert came – her eyes got real wide and asked me if she was getting that too.  I didn’t know – I didn’t request it so I didn’t think so.  She got a wave of relief to see only one waiter, but still kept asking her to stop.  🙂

Following the lunch, we went to the play.  It was good, but I cry too much – that would be GGPrincess’s review.

All in all a very good weekend for her.



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