I really, really like my daughter’s teacher….Really!

8 11 2007

Glitter Glue Princess’s Parent Teacher Conference was last night. It was one of the most productive ones I have ever attended.

Let me start by saying that at the beginning of school, GGP came home and told us nightly that her teacher was the best teacher she ever had. She was emphatic about it. Typically she likes to play school with a giant chalkboard while I sew and she really mirrors her teacher’s behaviors at home while playing. I saw a BIG difference in the “play teacher” style that was going down with the beginning of this school year – much more question asking and motivating than before…

Back to yesterday – the first thing out of her teachers mouth is how refreshing GGP is to have in class, “and she doesn’t say that to just anybody!”. I personally saw reading tests that concerned me, and brought it up. She reassured us that having her discuss the book after reading was probably sufficient as the scores went up significantly and she could tell where we had done it by the scores. I expressed concern on her spelling and asked for better ways to help with retention, and she volunteered to find us some new techniques. She basically said we are doing everything right and by the end of the year, it will all fall into place. Yay! Since S and I are both scientists, I offered us up to help with science class if she needed it – they’ve been learning about owl pellets in class, and I thought maybe basic kitchen chemistry might be fun. She was more than receptive to this idea. It is just so refreshing to have a positive experience like this.

It is just so refreshing to find a teacher whose teaching style clicks with a kids learning style.

Today is a big day at school – they are going to watch an American Indian cultural festival at a nearby museum. Her teacher made sure that they understood it isn’t acceptable to laugh at anything, as the culture is different than their own and they need to respect that culture. She told them that the chief may get very angry if they laugh at anything – I hope she got the point across. Wishing I could be there instead of working 😦



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