Going to Chicago.

6 11 2007

Glitter Glue Princess is getting a trip to American Girl Place in Chicago for her birthday. We are going this weekend. S told her that she needed to get rid of some of her toys in order to get more. So far she has gotten rid of two trash bags full of toys, a box of books and a stepstool. I gave her an estimated value of $200. Admittedly most of the stuff came from the recesses under her bed, but at least she is making an effort, right? Keep in mind that this will only buy like 5 outfits, or a doll and two outfits – they will occupy MUCH less space. Everyone wins. She has a lunch reservation as well as tickets to the show, so it should be a fun filled day for her.

Of course she has conceded that I will be allowed to visit Ikea, Vogue Fabrics and the Container Store – yay! This is provided I allow her to eat at Cheesecake Factory – boo! There goes my waistline, and just in time for Thanksgiving.

We are going to R & M’s house – and I get to see Petey the cat again! Last time I stayed at their house, Petey decided that he wanted to play ball at 2 in the morning, so he kept dropping pompoms on my face while I slept – should be a fun time!



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