Now that this week is over…

5 11 2007

This has been one of those crazy weeks that I am glad only happen on a rare occasion. This is really the first chance I’ve had to update.

Saturday we flew to PA to go to the hillbilly pirate ball… Uneventful, except I really liked the “watch for falling rock” signs as we drove…. I wasn’t quick enough with my camera, though they should have put a few more of those signs, as the rocks looked more precarious in other places…

We ate in full gear at a little cafe called “Through the Looking Glass Cafe” – with an Alice in Wonderland theme… They had the world’s smallest public bathroom, and I attempted to put on my corset in there – not a *wise* thing to attempt.

On to the party.

The theatre was just cool. Fully Adorned. Kris and Kim manned the sound and video (they were showing old treasure island, lil abner and others on a back screen). Someone made a sock monkey version of the band that I just had to have a picture of:

I have a secret thing for sock monkeys – I just love the little guys. Not just these, but sock monkeys in general…

Shots of the band:

Some people had the most wonderfully cool ideas for costumes for this show. One family came as “the band”

One fellow came as the coffee guy, but I didn’t see a shot in the pictures S took.

It was great fun, and we will be doing it again next year. I’ve already decided what I will be. I’m just going to need a mountain of long glow sticks to do it…. He he he…

Glitter Glue Princess’s halloween party was another event of this week. Here are a few pictures of kidlets from her class…

Yes, her teacher is an ice cream cone…

This fella came as a grumpy old man. He even powdered his hair to be gray, but as soon as he stepped out in the wind, all the powder blew out of his hair. Regardless, it was still cute – he played it well as evidenced in the pic…

Now that these events are all behind us, I had a chance to sew a new fleece jacket – mine was only a year old, but I question the quality of the fabric as the sleeves look like ratty cats now. More on that, and other sewing things, later.




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