No garment bag? Make one!

25 10 2007

After looking at our motley assortment of luggage, I realized that we had nothing to carry our pirate garb aboard the plane. I wasn’t about to allow the airline to lose our luggage when we needed the garb the very same night! So, I do what every refined seamstress in her right mind does – make a garment bag!

I had some nice dark purple cotton duck in my stash (what the heck was I thinking THIS would work for when I bought it?!?! Oh well, it finally found a place in this world – as always, a personal fabric store is a good thing 🙂 ) and a really long black zipper. I found some crazy optical illusion-y type embroidery designs. Here is the result:

I started out using this as the pattern, but then opted to modify it by adding the zipper and handles. Also faced the upper edge for a bit more strength against hangers, but heck the stuff is hefty – it shouldn’t have issues there!

Grandma and Grandpa F are coming to tend to the Glitter Glue Princess while we galavant around Pennsylvania. Been cleaning up a storm with a certain someone complaining all the way, unless it involves something precarious or loud, like hauling stuff to the attic (who knew an 8-year old could take such an interest in the junk in our attic?) or shredding lots of paper.




One response

25 10 2007

I love that attitude!! Great looking garment bag too!

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