A mini Minnie… with a side of canned ham.

13 10 2007

Glitter Glue Princess was in true form today, and I have the pictures to prove it!

I asked her to model her shirt for the Minnie costume and I got this in return.

After a bit of persuasion, I got a couple of “normal” photos.

Still can’t find those blasted ears.  At least if we have trouble locating them she still has her trusty ballcap.




One response

25 10 2007

you don’t know me, but I found your site as I was googling minnie mouse costume. Your costume looks great!!! I’m going to tailor your idea for my 2 year old, but I was also wondering where you got your applique design for mickey’s head?? I’ve been looking all over! Thanks so much!!! I would love to make that same shirt, but need the applique pattern for the machine. Could you tell me where you got yours?? I”d really appreciate it!


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